Cameras are located in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5) and observes Daylight Savings Time. Daylight cameras are on from approximately 6 am to 8 pm.

For the last 20 years, the Perry Institute for Marine Science has helped scientists explore the sea, taught experts to manage precious fisheries and ecosystems, and educated the world on how to protect our oceans.

Until 2006, the Caribbean Marine Research Center at the Perry Institute for Marine Science was funded in large part by grants from the United States government. This year, that funding is slated to be cut by $1.6 million and the Perry Institute for Marine Science will receive nothing. This circumstance has put our center, and more importantly the vital research and education that we provide, in great jeopardy.

Today, we urgently need private donations from people like you to keep the Perry Institute for Marine Science operating. With every dollar that you donate, you will help protect our coastal environments and coral reefs, increase awareness of threatened fish and marine life, and, most important, ensure the long-term enjoyment of our oceans - for you, your family and your friends.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science offers several ways that you can make a contribution and support the work that's protecting our oceans.

Donations - Help protect tropical fish, coastal birds and coral reefs with every dollar you donate.

Corporate Sponsorships - Show the world that your organization cares about our oceans and coastal communities in America and the Caribbean. Naming opportunities are available for our web cams, dive boats, laboratories, buildings and rooms on Lee Stocking Island, research projects, and more.

Volunteers- In takes dedicated people to run a fully functioning research lab. Find out how your skills and talents can help our mission.

Gifts in Kind - All donations make a difference, whether its money, material goods or professional services.

Mission Fish - When you sell items on eBay, select the Perry Institute for Marine Science as your favorite charity and donate 1-100% of your earnings

Estate Planning - Leave a legacy of care for our oceans and the coastal communities of America and the Caribbean. The Perry Institute for Marine Science offers several options for estate planning.

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