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The next time you look at your inventory, consider how your company can help benefit marine stewardship. Gifts-in-Kind are a company's first-quality, excess inventory donated to assist those in need. The benefits to corporate donors are both immediate and long-term; a tax deduction and positive public relations.

Gifts-in-Kind can also include donating your time and talents through volunteer services such as helping with physical labor needs, administrative tasks, marketing and communication needs, professional and technical consultation, and more

By donating your products and services, your company’s profile is hard at work helping further our mission and being recognized for doing so. We will help you let your customers know that your donations are generously contributing to a great cause.

Upon receiving approved Gifts-in-Kind, PIMS will issue a receipt identifying the date of receipt and acknowledging that the described Gift-in-Kind has been received. The donor is responsible for acquiring the fair market value applicable at the time of the gift. For Gifts-in-Kind that are valued at more than $5,000, the IRS requires that a fair market value appraisal be obtained by the donor. Please contact a tax accountant to inquire about how Gifts-in-Kind donations may benefit you in your individual tax situation.

Benefits of In Kind Giving

  • Corporate Tax Deduction. Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code allows qualifying companies a deduction of up to twice the cost of donated inventory.
  • Philanthropic Involvement. Your partnership with PIMS provides a fitting channel for investing in the people and communities that contribute to your success.
  • Support for Corporate Social Responsibility Platform. Product donation programs are the perfect way to get your employees involved, be environmentally responsible and demonstrate that your company is responsible.
  • Inventory Management Solutions. You can eliminate logistics involved in phasing out products and actually use your charitable giving to facilitate inventory management.
  • Brand Enhancement. We ensure that your corporate contribution does the most possible to enhance your brand to customers and peers.

If you would like to learn more about Gifts-in-Kind donation opportunities, please contact Tori Redinger at 561-741-0192 x113 or

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