Cameras are located in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5) and observes Daylight Savings Time. Daylight cameras are on from approximately 6 am to 8 pm.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science hosts scientists from around the world who conduct innovative research that seeks to improve the understanding and stewardship of our oceans in the wider Caribbean region and throughout the world. The majority of the research conducted and supported at our facility is focused on Marine Protected Areas, fisheries, corals , coastal ecosystems, and threatened marine species.

Caribbean Marine Research Center

The Caribbean Marine Research Center at the Perry Institute for Marine Science is one of six national centers designated by the United States government that support undersea research and scientific exploration through NOAA's Undersea Research Program (NURP). Over the last several years, we've actively supported numerous research and program development projects.

For the latest information on proposals and funding for undersea research in the Caribbean region, click here.

For the latest information on proposals and funding for program development, click here.

Pristine marine habitats.

Our research center on Lee Stocking Island is located in a remote area of the Exuma Cays. This location allows you to explore marine life in the Caribbean's most untouched underwater habitat. For more information, click here

Facilities built for discovery.

The laboratory is one of the largest and most productive science field stations in the entire Caribbean region. The field station is highly-regarded by the most esteemed research institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Both leased and in-house capabilities are available including wet and dry laboratories, room and board, marine operations, field support, and advanced diving facilities. For more information, click here

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