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Ocean research is what we do.

Today, our oceans are under siege. Human impact has destroyed nearly a third of the world's coral reefs. Pollution has damaged marine ecosystems around the globe. And overfishing has pushed many marine species toward extinction. This neglect has not only put our oceans at risk, it has put us at risk as well - shortening food supplies, threatening fishermen and their industry, jeopardizing tourism, exposing coastal communities to storm damage - and that's only the beginning.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science is dedicated to making a difference by protecting our oceans. We do this through ocean research and education that informs the public and encourages action. We operate a tropical marine laboratory on Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas. Scientists, students and educational groups visit our facility from around the world to conduct ocean research in this remote, pristine stretch of the Caribbean. In the areas on and around our island, we study things like coral reefs, fisheries, ecosystems and the biodiversity of undersea life.

Why ocean research matters.

The future of our oceans depends on knowledge. The ocean research we conduct and the information we gather provides you - as well as government leaders, decision makers, conservation groups and more - with the information you need to understand how the oceans work, why they're vital to our existence and, ultimately, how they can be repaired and protected.

The ocean research we conduct in the Caribbean, and the knowledge we provide, is relevant and valuable to nearly every marine ecosystem in America - and the world. Our ocean research helps increase awareness of threatened species, restore fisheries, support Marine Protected Areas, and more - from Florida's sunny shores to the Great Lakes and the California coast.

How you can help.

At the Perry Institute, we're conducting ocean research and informing the world on the status and importance of our oceans. And if we could run on the enthusiasm of our scientists and the passion of our staff, we would be overflowing with resources. However, enthusiasm and passion can only take you so far - and then we've got to rely on your generosity.

Please make a donation today. Every dollar will make a difference in the protection of our coastal environments and coral reefs, the awareness of threatened fish and marine life, and, most important, the long-term enjoyment of our oceans - for you, your family and your friends.

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