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Roger McManus is the President Emeritus of The Ocean Conservancy (formerly the Center for Marine Conservation). In the Clinton Administration, Mr. McManus served as the Senior Advisor for the Oceans, with the Office of Secretary in the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI). Under Secretary Bruce Babbitt he had had lead DOI staff responsibilities for the Coral Reef Task Force, the initiative to develop a management regime for the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, DOI marine protected areas and related issues. From 1984 to 1999 he served as the President of the Center for Marine Conservation that he built from a virtually bankrupt organization to the largest conservation organization in the world devoted to marine conservation. During the Carter and Reagan Administrations, Mr. McManus served as senior staff in the Executive Office of the President. Recently, Mr. McManus has served as the Vice President for Marine Programs at Conservation International. He has been a member of several interagency and private sector commissions to review marine policy and has served on the governing boards for several charities including the Perry Institute for Marine Science, and World Conservation Union's Species Survival Commission.


Ms. BJ Clancy-Deveaux is a self employed marketing and management consultant. Her multi-faceted career has enabled her to develop her professional skills in the public and private sectors. Ms. Clancy-Deveaux is a strong family advocate, active in church, youth and community work. As a professionally trained social scientist, BJ Clancy-Deveaux also served as Executive Director of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Clancy-Deveaux advises governmental agencies, financial institutions, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and new businesses. She provides consulting services in the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the South Florida Region, and is actively involved in efforts to protect the unique bio-diversity of the Bahamas. Ms. Deveaux holds a Master of Science Degree in Human Development from Pennsylvania State University. Ms. Deveaux and her husband Ambassador of the Environment Earl Deveaux reside in Nassau, The Bahamas.


Ms. Tara Ford is President of GetHRHelp, Inc. She brings to the firm more than 18 years of hands-on Human Resources and Community Relations experience in disciplines ranging from Staffing and Recruiting to EEO/Affirmative Action Planning and Diversity Project Management. Ms. Ford has been associated with UTC, West Palm Beach, FL and East Hartford, CT. and was responsible for successfully managing their company wide effort to recruit and hire in a 12-month period more than 1200 people. At the same time she managed the Company's EEO and Diversity Project Management directive by developing and implementing retention strategies for women and minorities. Ms. Ford is past President and Board Member of Seagull Industries for the Disabled for which she volunteered her time and talents for more than five years. As President, she led a board of 15 community professionals in the development and growth of this United Way Agency. She also served as committee member for the Women of Distinction Award Ceremony, which recognizes women leaders in her community. She holds an MBA from the University of Miami, Coral Gables and a Bachelor of Science in Health/Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, all in Florida.


Mrs. J. Helena Perry is the co-founder of the Perry Institute for Marine Science and is currently serving as a member of the Board of Trustees. She is the former Chairperson of the Board of the Guardian Group, located in Nassau, Bahamas and Vice Chairperson of Energy Partners, Inc., an enterprise started by John H. Perry, Jr. Energy Partners leads cutting edge technology for renewable, hydrogen energy and is now operated by Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc., where Helena serves on the Board. Helena is an active member of the Forum Club and supports many charitable and environmental organizations. Helena has been active with land and species conservation efforts nationally and internationally. Through an initiative in 2004 between PIMS and IUCN, Helena's efforts promote programs aimed at threatened marine resources and the need for species conservation. Recently, Mrs. Perry is taking advanced measures to permanently protect species and conserve land on her properties, including Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas. She has been most instrumental and generous to keep the Perry Institute on a steady course in the mission and vision created over 40 years ago.


Dr. John Marr has served as the executive director for the Perry Institute for Marine Science since 2001. Dr. Marr is an environmental scientist and has served as an advisor for several national and international governmental agencies, as an instructor at universities, and a consultant for environmental corporations and non-profits. Dr. Marr currently serves on several environmental foundation boards and advisory boards engaged in research and education programs that advance science and technology for the purpose of improving resource management and stewardship of our oceans. He holds a doctorate in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming. In management positions for organizations, John has directed research, conservation, and education programs while building institutional partnerships that strengthen program quality and capacity. Dr. Marr has published in several peer reviewed journals reporting the outcomes of science projects, and also works in areas of private and corporate fundraising, grant writing, public speaking, communications outreach, marketing, board development, operations and staff management, and program planning and evaluation.


Frank F. Cook, M.D.

James Robie Gilbert

J. "TY" Merritt

Stefan Halper, Ph.D.


John H. Perry, Jr.*
Founder of the Perry Institute

Thor Ramsing

William D. Roosevelt, Chairman Emeritus*

General William Westmoreland


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